Implementation Project Overview

Step 1: Introductions & Scheduling

  • Identify Content & Technical teams
  • Schedule regular implementation check-in calls
    • Align meeting regularity with the target launch date


Step 2: Implementation Kick-Off

  • Review Admin Portal
    • Define CONTENT vs. TECHNICAL areas to address
    • Identify topics that require internal decisions (Ex: ‘Getting Started Process’)
  • Schedule follow up calls for CONTENT & TECHNICAL as-needed


Step 3a – Content

  • Ongoing meetings to set up relevant modules/functionality:
    • Admin Portal settings
    • Team hierarchy and permissions (Departments, Groups, Projects) 
    • Company-level Pages and Posts 
    • Begin developing training materials for users and team admins


Step 3b – Technical

  • THREE things the technical team typically needs to help set up/manage:
    1. User Management – (Active Directory, STFP, 1-time CSV list upload) 
    2. Security – (SSO, Dual-factor Authentication, IP Restrictions, etc…) 
    3. Integrations – (Zendesk, SalesForce, etc…) 


Step 4 – Launch

  • Communication strategy established
    • Welcome video(s) 
    • Customized ‘Getting Started Process’ 
    • Landing Page finalized
    • Enablement/Training materials published
    • Reach out to MangoApps Customer Success Team for tailored launch support


Step 5 – Manage & Grow

  • Coordinate regular syncs with Client Success Manager
  • Evaluate Analytics and User Engagement Reports
  • Continually find ways to add more value to end users


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