Identify Changes & Stakeholders

Take inventory on the current systems being used by the company and determine what will be shifted to MangoApps. Creating a team to assist in building and implementing the new platform is also essential.

Identify Technology & Process Changes

MangoApps has many functional pieces and modules to cover a variety of communication and collaboration. After reviewing the modules available verify which will be enabled in the new platform.  Determine how each module will align to the business goals. If there is a system that will not be moved into MangoApps, is there a way to integrate the system or allow employees quick access? Confirm the tools that will be integrated into MangoApps including file repositories, CRM, or Single Sign-on.

Review current processes within the organization. Will these be more effectively used if the process moved to MangoApps? When new processes are developed in the new platform, users will have more cause to log into the platform, assisting in further adoption.

  • What Will Stay As-Is
  • What Will Integrate With MangoApps
  • What Will Move To MangoApps

Identify Stakeholders & Their Roles

Secure a team that will assist in the roll out of MangoApps. Create a team of committed individuals to see this project through completion. Forming a group from various departments will help recognize obstacles and opportunities while building MangoApps. Once these individuals have been identified, share the established vision statement for clear understanding of the project.

  • System Administrator – Define projects and assign responsibilities. Coordinates all network settings and implementations.
  • Intranet / Department Admins – Content creators and aids in adoption for specific company functions.
  • Community Manager – Manages network activity and assists users when working in MangoApps.
  • Executive Sponsors from IT and Business – Leads project from an executive level. Provides guidance throughout the setup.
  • Program Manager – Devises and completes launch of MangoApps.
  • Community & Technical Support – Works with the team to ensure proper setup from an IT side.
  • HR – Integrates MangoApps into current HR functions and manages content in regards to human resources.

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