Finalize Branding

MangoApps will be an extension of the business and a place for employees to go for internal communication, so it should look like your company.

What can be branded?

Everything from the login page to the font used in MangoApps can be updated to match your company branding guidelines. In addition, all 3 MangoApps interfaces (Web, Mobile Apps  and Desktop Apps) can be branded to match your company’s brand. Here is a visual guide to what can be customized on the web interface.


MangoApps allows you a DIY option for branding in addition to our support. Examine the guide to branding or for details on our custom branding services, contact us. Our branding team will work with you to customize your platform. They will create mock up pages for review. After approval has been given on the mock ups, our team will rebrand your platform to match the chosen customizations.

Click here to see some examples of fully branded Intranets including mobile applications.