User & Admin Training

The success of your MangoApps platform is our goal. Along with this onboarding guide, we assist in an extensive learning experience for both Network Admins and Users of MangoApps.

Admin Training

All users that will be Network Admins will go through a detailed training of the Admin Portal. This training covers the basic settings, best practices while setting up the platform and will give guidance on how to setup the structure of MangoApps. Contact your Customer Success Manager to schedule this training.

User Training

User training should focus on how to communicate, create content and manage notifications in MangoApps.

Recommended sections to cover:

With proper education and training of all employees, will benefit user adoption of MangoApps platform. While training employees make sure to not under- or over-estimate their knowledge of using social networks, this will make everyone comfortable using the new platform. Users are able to take a self-guided tour through our onboarding portal, set up in-house training, or our support team can schedule a webinar.

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