Add Structure & Seed Content

Setup Structure

Consider the organization of the business while adding the structure to MangoApps. Are employees arranged by job function or would office location have greater importance? What information needs to be shared at a company-level and what needs to be restricted to specific groups? What functions will be important for users to easily navigate to when signing into the platform? There is no one-size-fits-all to the structure of MangoApps. Successful platforms will translate the current setup of employee interactions into MangoApps to create less confusion and more productivity.

Add Seed Content

Bringing users into an empty platform doesn’t translate into easy adoption. Content creation is necessary before your MangoApps launch. This will include transferring company documents, creating interactive posts, and filling out Pages within workspaces. Content can be created by the stakeholder team or invite a group of employees to do a soft launch. As content is being created and collaboration is happening, demonstrate the power of the new platform is by posting questions and seeing the results fly in.

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