Ideas For Accelerating Adoption

No matter the business type or company goals, you will need employee adoption to make your MangoApps platform flourish.

Ideas to accelerate adoption:

  • Empower employees to help each other solve problems. Create a public group for “Network Help” where employees can crowdsource answers to using MangoApps.
  • Encourage users to post in Ideas to share with management ways to improve processes or create a solution to a common customer problem.
  • Schedule weekly/monthly posts by executive level management. This will re-enforce use of MangoApps and give employees an opportunity to interact with executives they might not be able to on a daily basis.
  • Create an employee spotlight. This allows employees to connect, especially if office locations span a wide geography.
  • Highlight metrics from before and after launch, such as internal email usage, employee satisfaction or percentage of highly engaged users.
  • Enable Gamification in MangoApps to reward users with levels and badges as they complete their daily work.
  • Celebrate work anniversaries with a Company News post.
  • Gather feedback on the network using a Poll to see what modifications are needed to continue growth.
  • Feature company wins.

If you need additional ideas to increase user adoption, feel free to contact us. We will be able to work on a customized solution to assist in the network growth.

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