User Communication Plan & Execution

There are many approaches to launching MangoApps to your business. Consider our suggestions and best practices below while determining what will best suit your organization.

Generate Awareness

Having a clear communication plan in place will alleviate uncertainty around rolling out a new platform. Gaining employee buy-in on making this change will determine the success of the platform. Create a compelling “what’s-in-it-for-me” message for employees then make the communication fun to cultivate¬†excitement around launch.

Ideas to communicate launch:

  • Build anticipation with “teaser” messages posted in common areas.
  • Share your excitement by scheduling a launch event.
  • Provide a sneak peek with a MangoApps overview video or slideshow of screenshots from your new platform.
  • Make sure all stakeholders are clear on the vision of the new platform to discuss how this tool will be beneficial for both the company and individual employee.

Execute Launch

Now that employees are aware change is coming, plan for a launch that lives up to expectations.

  • Go into details about big picture impact of MangoApps for the company, while re-enforcing the “what’s-in-it-for-me” message to employees.
  • If some employees were involved in a soft launch, build anecdotes around things that were learned or successful use cases.
  • Acknowledge “champions” or “early adopters” of MangoApps as a good resource.
  • Demonstrate job functions that will now be carried out in MangoApps.
  • Show how information is found currently and how it will be found on MangoApps.
  • Have executives share their experience while learning MangoApps.

Building excitement around the launch of your new MangoApps platform and demonstrating the key benefits to employees will lead to a successful adoption of the tool.

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