Using Levels, Badges and Recognition

Use MangoApps to show recognition to colleagues and we reward you for your daily work.

Reach new Levels with MangoApps

As a fun way to acknowledge your hard work in MangoApps, we have included gamification in the platform. As you upload new files, answer co-workers questions, or create a new project you will be awarded points for each action. Accumulating more points will bring you to the next level. Currently you can work your way through 30 levels. You are also able to check the leaderboard in the Apps module to see who’s in the lead.

Collect Badges while you work

In addition to Levels you will be awarded Badges for specific actions. Get more followers, complete all your tasks, or sign in each day will all get you a Badge you will proudly show on your profile page.

Recognize your colleagues for their hard work

Has someone been exceptionally helpful or putting in extra effort? Reward them in the Recognition Apps to let them and everyone in the network know how great they have been. In the Apps module you have options for Recognition, Birthday or Office Fun. Each category has a variety of images to choose along with a space to write a note to the recipient. Select the user you would like to send the recognition to and it will be posted to both your wall and their wall.

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