Collaborate On Documents Using Microsoft Office

MangoApps for Office transforms Microsoft Office into a social collaboration platform where you create, edit, and author documents in real time.

This provides every business user easy, full-featured access to MangoApps files inside office with ability to author documents, slide decks, and spreadsheets. Comment and discuss on them to keep everyone in sync and up-to-date, automatically — all from Office.

MangoApps Office plugin is supported for Office 2010 and Office 2013.

In the Download module you’ll find the Office Plugin download. After downloading the app, you’ll see a new tab in all your Office documents labeled MangoApps. From this tab, you’ll be able to save directly to MangoApps, share with other network users, and see updates from other users.

For a full guide to using MangoApps for Microsoft Office check our help article.

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