Learn About Security Related Features

Securely stay connected to your teams and projects wherever you are.


  • Browser Access: As an network admin you can to add additional security control to browser access via  IP range access, 2FA, Session time-out, Admin portal PIN and more
  • Desktop Access: As a network admin you can enable the security control items on PC & Mac which have been configured for browser.
  • Mobile Access: As a network admin you can turn on / off certain mobile platforms based on your needs
  • Password Strength:  Network admins can configure minimum password strength requirements and a policy for handling multiple login failures. 
  • Logs
    • Audit Log
    • User Access Log
    • Mobile Access Log
    • Security Log
  • Force Sign-out: Network admins can force sign-out all users with 1-click.
  • Virus Scan: Files uploaded in MangoApps via any client/device can be configured to be scanned for over 1M+ virus, malware & trojans.
  • Mobile Security
    • Admins have the ability to wipe out downloaded content on any iOS or Android device
    • Admins have ability to disable a specific lost iOS or Android device
    • Users have ability to configure a PIN on their iOS or Android device
    • All data transmitted and files shared is over SSL


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