Learn About Compliance Related Features

MangoApps compliance features help you meet your governance & audit standards.


  • Review Flagged Messages
    • Take action on messages that have been flagged by users in your community as in-appropriate.
  • Data Retention
    • As an admin you can setup for how long the data will be retained in your domain. The default option is that data will be retained forever. It is only deleted when the admin or the user who posted the data deletes or archives it. You can however choose to specify a different auto-archival and auto-delete rules in the retention settings as per your regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Email Compliance
    • Have a standard footer to include your compliance requirement & any disclaimers. For example this could  include a message like the content of the email is private & confidential and is intended only for the use of the person named in the email.
  • Usage Policy
    • The usage policy dictates what is deemed to be appropriate when using MangoApps for communication, collaboration and content sharing at workplace.
  • Terms Of Service
    • Terms of service (also known as terms of use or terms and conditions) are rules the network admins can configure for every user on the domain to agree to and abide by in order to use the domain.
  • Data Transmission & Storage Related
    • All files are encrypted at rest
    • All passwords are encrypted at rest
    • All transmissions are over SSL
    • Files uploaded are scanned for over 1M virus (Enterprise+ Plan only)

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