Add An Extra Layer Of Security

Use these tips to keep your MangoApps Domain safe and secure.

It’s important to us that your Intranet’s information is safe and secure. From Development to Hosting to Monitoring your Intranet, we’ve created extra layers of security to keep your data private.

However, there are things you can do to make your Intranet even more secure, including tweaking your security settings under the Security tab in your Admin Portal. Please take time to go through the following settings. Configure them based on the needs of your organization.

At a minimum, we recommend taking a look at the following password related settings:

  • Enable 2 factor authentication via Google Authenticator.
  • Enable PIN for administrator login.
  • Setup a password policy.
  • From time to time, expire all sessions and force all users to logout. Typically long holiday weekends are a good time to cleanup active sessions.

If your employees only access MangoApps from your office, consider:

  • Enabling IP Range based access.

If your employees access MangoApps from shared computers, consider:

  • Setting a very short Session Timeout.
  • Disable the storing of passwords by the browser.
  • Turn on email notifications for security log & monitor suspicious activities

Some of these settings may be a bit inconvenient for users, but if you plan on sharing sensitive information or work in a high-security industry the trade-off is worthwhile.

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