Backup & Disaster Recovery Related FAQs

Read on to learn more about our comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

What Disaster Recovery plan is in place for both the application and data?

To ensure you have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, MangoApps takes the following steps for private cloud customers:

  • Full, nightly backup of the database for 31 days (managed and stored by AWS RDS service).
  • Files uploaded to MangoApps are stored on AWS S3 and are copied to a backup bucket on a nightly basis (stored to AWS S3 Ireland buckets).
  • Full server configuration and source code stored in configuration management system (managed by MangoApps on AWS servers).

The rest of MangoApps is a stateless service. In case of a disaster, the entire system can be recreated from the 3 data components above.

How often do you test your backup and review your test plans?          

Test plans are reviewed as part of each new product release. The backup process automatically sends real-time error notifications for failures to the MangoApps support team. In addition, prior to a major product release, a dry run to test restoration of the backup data is performed (typically once per quarter).


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