Backup & Document Versioning

Not only can you share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, videos, and more with colleagues on MangoApps, but you can also upload new versions, to ensure everyone sees the latest draft, and access older versions at any time.

What is document versioning?

In MangoApps, we’ve designed document versioning to help our users share updated files in a more efficient and organized manner. Whether you would like to revise your own file or you’re co-authoring a document with colleagues, our file versioning feature can be used to update an existing file with a new one.

How It’s Done

If you’d like to make edits to a file, download it and make your changes. Then login to MangoApps, find your file, and click on the grey drop down arrow on the right side of it. Select the Upload New Version option. Then select the file you want to upload.

At this point you can notify colleagues that you’re updating the file by hitting the Notify button. All colleagues who the file has been shared with will receive a notification that you’ve updated it. You can send additional notifications to colleagues who you haven’t shared the file with by @mentioning them in the space provided. If you don’t want to notify colleagues, hit the Do Not Notify option.

The newly uploaded file will become the latest version. The current version and all earlier versions, if any, will still be maintained and accessible. You can delete previous or current versions of the file and you can upload as many versions as you like.

Check In & Check Out Documents

We designed the check in and check out option to streamline file collaboration. Use this feature if you want to ensure no one makes edits to a file while you’re working on it.

To check out a file, click on the grey drop-down arrow on the right side of the file and select the check out option. After checking out a file, other colleagues cannot check it out. They can still download the file, but they cannot update the file with a new version while it’s checked out by someone else.

After checking a file back in, your file will become the latest version of the file and colleagues will see the changes you made to it.

Full-Revision History & Tracking

To see who has viewed, made changes to, checked in, or checked out files click on the grey drop-down arrow on the right side of the file and select the Go to details page option. Then scroll to the bottom of your page and take a look at the Tracking section on the ride side of your screen. Here you can see who’s viewed the file, edited it, and so on.

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