Single Sign On (SSO)

Use single sign on to boost user adoption and enforce company-wide policy around authentication.

Configuring single sign on is a win-win for both the users, who don’t have to remember yet another username/password, and the administrators, who can enforce company-wide policy around authentication. You can use any of these three methods to enable single sign on for your users:

  • Active Directory or LDAP based authentication
  • SAML based authentication (ADFS, Okta, SecureAuth etc)
  • GoogleApps (via oAuth2)

If you use any of these systems at your company, we highly recommend taking advantage of MangoApps Integration to enable SSO for your users. In case you don’t use any of the SSO systems but have a Custom SSO provider, we would suggest getting in touch with us for Integrating with MangoApps Custom SSO integration option.


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