Open APIs Based Integration

Beyond granting domain admins access to data stored in MangoApps, domain admins and developers can also use APIs to personalize their very own MangoApps that reflects their company’s needs perfectly.

Using MangoApps Open APIs developers and domain admins can:

  • Securely access all domain data using familiar, easy-to-use RESTful interfaces. This simple integration enables domain administrators to access content generated and stored in MangoApps by their users for data mining, archiving, and analysis using tools already in use within the company.
  • Build a custom MangoApps. Developers are now empowered to extend MangoApps and create a custom web, desktop, or mobile MangoApp to meet their unique needs and match the workflow requirements of their business.

The MangoApps Open API’s are part of the super set of MangoApps REST architecture that powers the MangoApps Collaboration Suite.