File Repositories

If your organization stores files on one or more file repositories, MangoApps can make your life a lot easier with our convenient file repository integration which allows you to use a single application to manage all your documents.

MangoApps comes integrated with over multi file repository systems, including Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Office 365, Windows File Server,  Probox and SharePoint. That means you can connect these repositories to your MangoApps and search for, access, share, and view files from any repository directly inside your MangoApps.

Connecting your file repositories to MangoApps will not only make data more accessible, searchable, and organized, it will also make collaboration much easier since users can harness the power of social networking and leave comments, ask for advice, or even work together on the same file. MangoApps will also keep track of different versions of files, old and new, and make note of updates made to files, so nothing is lost or missed.

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