MangoApps Integration Platform

Simplifying Enterprise Integration

MangoApps simplifies enterprise systems integration with it’s in-built modern integration platform.

Traditional applications typically are built on a client-server model that do not take into consideration the need for communication compatibilities with other systems. To remedy this disconnect, application programming interfaces (APIs) are added later to accommodate system-to-system integration. This low-level approach even though allows for integration, it unfortunately also greatly increases the cost and complexity of building and supporting them. Typically, achieving a more comprehensive integration to necessary bolt-on systems required significant programming, which only adds to the cost, complexity, and rigidity of these integrations.

Unlike traditional enterprise application providers, MangoApps understands the importance of integration to core systems of record and started with integration as fundamental architectural and application design criteria. MangoApps approach is for connectivity to other applications and resources to be simpler to build, deploy, manage, and evolve over time—a significant and long- awaited change from the cost, complexity, and rigidity of connecting to traditional enterprise systems.

MangoApps Integration Platform Architecture

mangoapps_integration_platformMangoApps Integration Platform provides the following integration options:

  1. Out of the Box Ready Integrations to over 30+ systems: MangoApps platform comes out of the box with integrations for:
    • Authentication (SSO) using LDAP/AD, SAML, GoogleApps
    • Popular file storage systems like Box, OneDrive, Office365, SharePoint & more
    • CRM systems like Salesforce
    • Ticketing systems like Zendesk, Jira
    • Screen sharing & online meetings systems like GoToMeeting & Join.Me
    • IT service management like ServiceNow (ETA is Q1 – 2016)
    • HR management like WorkDay (ETA is Q1 – 2016)
    • Source control & code management like BeanStalk, GitHub 
    • Real time monitoring like Pingdom, NewRelic
    • More details here
  2. Custom Integrations Without Programming: MangoApps platform comes with the following lightweight custom integration options which MangoApps admins can use to integrate an existing enterprise system with MangoApps without any custom software development effort.
    • Custom Widgets: Embed any javascript(jquery etc) or iframe based code with SSO to bring in user specific dashboards and dynamic data as widgets on the MangoApps dashboard, in Company pages or Team pages. More details here 
    • Custom Apps: Use the MangoApps Bookmark App to add external apps as shortcuts or embed code in an iFrame and get a full page experience inside MangoApps. More details here
    • Custom Services: Create your custom incoming Webhook to post messages/updates from external sources/systems into MangoApps. This makes use of normal HTTPS requests with a JSON payload for the message text. These updates come in as NewsFeed giving your users a unified communication & collaboration platform for all your enterprise systems. More details here
  3. Open Web APIs (JSON & XML based):  At the foundation of our approach, MangoApps provides comprehensive standards-based web open APIs to support all integrations to and from MangoApps. MangoApps Mobile, Desktop & Mac clients are build on top of these APIs also. A full list of open web APIs is available here


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