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Give employees easy access to important, long-lasting company information with Intranet Pages.

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Company Pages allow you to organize company-wide information into easy-to-access pages. If you have an existing Intranet, this is probably the closest structure to a web page you have on your existing Intranet.

Company Pages are typically used to communicate information that doesn’t change very often (e.g. company policy, company management, company vision & mission, company locations, and so on).

Creating & Editing Pages

Company Pages can be created, edited, or organized by anyone who is an Intranet Admin. These pages are created using a WYSIWYG editor, so they can be created and personalized by anyone — no programming knowledge is required. Add images, videos, and more to your Company Pages as they are created.

One of the many problems with traditional or old Intranets is that information on them is hard to edit and therefore never gets updated. This is not so with Intranet in MangoApps. Editing Company Pages is super simple. You can literally create or update your Company Pages in minutes and no technical knowledge is required.

Page Layout Options

Different types of content requires different layouts. When creating Company Pages in MangoApps, you can choose from one of the many default layout options available. As with rest of MangoApps, we plan to keep adding new layout options and making existing layouts more dynamic. Contact your CSM if there are any specific layouts you would like to see in MangoApps.

Organizing Pages

Because you can create an unlimited number of Company Pages, it’s important to organize them into menus and sub-menus so navigation is easy and intuitive for your users. Use the Organize Menu action to rearrange your pages and categorize them into menus and sub-menus.

Some companies like to organize their pages by department, like Management, HR, Marketing, Sales, and so on. Whereas other companies choose to shape their Intranet along product lines and opt for Company Pages titled Company, Products, We’re Hiring, Locations, and so on. There is no right or wrong organization structure. Play with it to see what works for you. It’s easy to move pages around.

Company Intranet Administrators

You can make any Network User an Intranet Administrator from the admin portal in the Users section. You can designate more than one Intranet Administrator. Only Intranet Administrators can create, edit, delete, or organize pages. MangoApps automatically makes these administrative actions available to Intranet Admins and Domain Admins in the Intranet Tools menu.

We Are Here To Help

If you are in doubt whether you should use Company Pages or something else, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your goals and recommend a construct.

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