Migrate Existing Content

Before launching your Intranet, it’s important to make sure core pieces of content is added — no one likes a ghost town.


If you’re starting fresh, creating and organizing Intranet content in MangoApps is easy.  If you want to migrate an existing Intranet into MangoApps, you’ll need to copy and paste the content into your new Intranet.

We wish we could provide you with a tool that did the migration for you, but unfortunately such a tool doesn’t exist. Because the content and design for each company’s Intranet greatly varies, building a tool currently isn’t feasible.

With that bad news out of the way, here are some integrations that will make the task easier:

If the task seems daunting, because you have thousands and thousands of pages of content to migrated, consider one of the the following options:

  • Contact us: We may be able to build a tool for you that can automate this task — especially if the data is stored in a structured format.
  • Divide and Conquer: Employees like to help. Crowdsource different sections of it to employees within your company.

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