About Company News & Announcements

The Company News page provides employees with a place to stay informed on what’s happening in their company.

Rather than sending out company-wide email blasts, you can use the Company News module in MangoApps to ensure all employees receive important updates, news, memos, and announcements. Beyond saving you time and stress, the Company News module in MangoApps offers the following benefits:

  • Allows employees to participate via Likes and Comments.
  • You can easily embed videos and other multimedia resources in your updates.
  • News is available on your Intranet for employees who join the company later.
  • You can easily measure employee engagement based on Views, Likes, and Comments.
  • The biggest benefit of using MangoApps to share company news, instead of email, is having the ability to share small updates — in addition to very important ones — with your employees. You wouldn’t necessarily want to do that with a company-wide email blast yet it’s what leads to a highly informed organization.

As company-wide information is typically shared by company managers, only intranet admins are allowed to post in the company news modules.

Mark a post as an Announcement

If there’s a post you want to make sure users see, mark it as an announcement.

Announcements have a special visual indicator and placement priority, so users will be sure to see them.

Announcements also differ from posts in the fact that they have an expiration date, which will turn the announcement back into a regular post after it expires.

Organize your company posts into categories

Categories allow you to sort your company posts by topic. This lets you selectively promote posts in a particular category by adding a Quick Link to your users’ Homepage.

Many of our customers like knowing how many users viewed a particular company news or announcement. You can easily see total number of views as well as who has viewed the company posts from the post activity module. You can even export the list of users as either a PDF or a CSV file.

who-viewed-and-export This is one of the many benefits of sharing News and announcement in Mango over e-mail.  Many other Mango objects (Pages, Wikis, Documents etc.) also provide similar capabilities This helps you see what is popular and how often user’s view this information.

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