Inbox Basics

Access your Inbox in MangoApps for a look at information being shared directly with you and in Teams you’re associated with.

You can access your Inbox by clicking on the News Feed link on your Left Navigation Sidebar. Clicking on your Inbox will bring up your Primary News Feed where you can see posts and updates made by colleagues who share Teams with you. In addition to your Primary News Feed, here you’ll also see two other tabs: Secondary and Mentions. All of your Private Messages are in the Messages tab on the left-hand navigation.

Your Secondary News Feed shows information that is less important to you. Your Mentions News Feed will show a list of updates, comments, or posts that you’ve been mentioned in. And, your Messages will show any Private messages you’ve sent or received.

You can change your Inbox settings by clicking on the small, gray speech bubble graphic in the upper right corner of your Inbox News Feed. This will bring you to your Inbox Settings. Here you can configure the order of your Inbox tabs, your News Feed filters, and much more.

You can chose filters for all four of your News Feeds by clicking on the Filter option in the upper right corner of your Inbox News Feed. Depending on the tab you’ve selected, you can Filter your feed by different options, including Unread, All My Feeds, and All Public Feeds.

To keep organized in your News Feed, use the blue button to the right of each update to mark as read. An easy way to mark all posts as read in your feed is to click the grey check mark icon in the upper right corner of your screen. Doing so will mark all updates on your page as read. Learn more about your Inbox and configuring it in this How do I configure the Primary and Secondary Tab Feed Filters? help article.

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