Do even more with Projects

Customize Your Project View

On your All Projects page, you can view your projects in a list or grid format by clicking on the two icons next to View in the upper right corner of your screen. The grid format showcases large project profile pictures and large text, while the list format offers smaller text and profile pictures, but allows you to view more projects at once.

From the list view, you are able to sort the Projects by any dimension associated with the Project. By clicking the gear icon on the top right, choose the Columns to show/hide.

Learn More About Trackers

Trackers are modules that can be enabled in workspaces to create forms, store data and initiate a workflow. Learn more about using Trackers with this guide.


Depending on the Project members might need to keep track of the hours worked on the Project. By enabling the Timesheet module will allow members to clock these hours and mark them as billable.


Use the Project Calendar to share deadlines and milestones. The Calendar module can be added by the Project Admin to make all shared dates are visible to all.

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