Brand With Your Company Logo & Design

MangoApps comes equipped with a built-in, comprehensive Intranet that you can personalize to match your organization’s logo, colors, and unique style or culture.

Employees can relate better to an Intranet that is catered to their interests, skills, and profession. Personalizing your Intranet will streamline user adoption while also increasing engagement. Here are two options for branding your Intranet.

Do It Yourself:

You can easily customize MangoApps to match your company’s look and feel. From uploading your own logo and favicon to changing the color scheme to adding a custom header and footer, personalizing your MangoApps Intranet is easy and fun. To get started, click on the Branding tab in the Admin Portal:

Full Portal

Allows you to upload your company’s logo and favicon, add a custom header, and apply a global CSS to change the theme of the entire site.


Allows you to determine the styles that are used for all Wikis, Posts, and Pages within MangoApps.


Allows you to determine the styles that are used for Forms within MangoApps.


Allows you to determine the styles that are used in the user Dashboard widgets.

If you are in a hurry and only have time to personalize a couple of things, start with your company’s logo and favicon. Just remember to make sure the logo you upload is the right size and formatted properly.

Let Us Do It For You

If you would rather have us create a professional look for your Intranet, we offer a full branding and customization service for a fixed fee. Check out the branding images below for examples of what  is possible with MangoApps.


Click here to see some more examples of fully branded Intranets companies have created using MangoApps (including mobile applications).


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