Review Common Default Settings

Change your MangoApps default settings to suit your company and employees.


Common default settings are located in the Admin Portal under the “Domain” tab. Although the default settings have been carefully chosen, we encourage you to click through all the options in the left bar to ensure your settings suit your organization. Most of the settings are self explanatory, but if something is not clear, you can hover over the “i” icon next to the field for additional information.

Here are several important settings you should review to make sure they are right for your company:

  • Locale Settings: Here you can select a time zone, date format, language, and more for your MangoApps.
  • Inbox Settings: Here you can customize the tabs for user’s Inbox and determine Primary and Secondary News Feeds.
  • Terms of Service: Here you can setup the terms of service users will need to agree to when signing into MangoApps.
  • Profiles Settings: Here you can select what sections are shown on each user’s profile page.
  • Notifications: Here you can configure your email notification settings.
  • Modules: Here you can activate and deactivate modules for your MangoApps.
  • Home Link: Here you can choose which widgets, menu items, personal apps, and shortcuts appear on your users’ homepage in MangoApps.
  • Share Options: Here you can choose if feeds can be shared through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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