Why should you use MangoApps?

MangoApps offers a variety of collaboration tools that can be used to streamline information sharing and collaboration in the workplace.

From intranet software to real-time messaging, collaboration software and employee social networking, MangoApps gives you everything you need to keep in touch with colleagues, share files and information, and stay on top of what’s happening in your company.  Here’s how you can use the these tools to your advantage.

MangoApps Intranet

MangoApps comes built-in with a fully-customizable, comprehensive Intranet that allows companies to effortlessly post important resources, such as HR forms, the company’s directory, news, and more, so employees always have easy access to it.

Your Company News and Company Info pages are both part of your Intranet. You can access and make important and timely updates about your Company in your Company News page. Access this page frequently to stay up to date on company news, updates, and current events.

Visit your Company Info page for quick access to longstanding company resources, such as HR forms, company policies, your company directory, and more. With everything you need in one place online, you won’t have to waste time visiting HR in person or paging through your employee handbook. Information stored here is typically permanent or long-lasting, so feel free to get used to the look and layout.

Team Communication and Collaboration Tools

With Instant Messaging, Group Chat, Online Meetings, Social Networking, Groups and Projects, and much, much more, it’s no wonder why MangoApps prides itself on being the number one tool for company-wide communication. Here’s a look at some of the team communication and collaboration tools MangoApps has to offer:


Groups are peer-to-peer forums designed for group discussions on topics you and your colleagues find similar, such as job location or job function. Groups have fewer features than Projects.


Projects are our most feature rich workspaces. They have an activity stream, members list, and more than 15 additional modules that can be added to suit your needs. They are ideal for groups of employees who often work together, share duties, or are collaborating on assignments.

Projects are geared toward getting your projects, assignments, and tasks done in less time with better visibility and communication within your teams, both internally and externally with partners or customers.


Departments provide a place, which can be public or private, for users to share updates, files, and more. An unlimited number of Departments can be created in MangoApps. Most customers create one for each of their company’s actual departments, such as IT, HR, Sales, and so on.

Instant Messaging

Ask questions and get feedback right away, share important files as big as 2GB instantly, and hold a group chat with teams of any size with MangoApps Instant Messenger. MangoApps Instant Messenger works from any MangoApps platform, so you can even chat from your mobile phone or tablet.

MangoApps Instant Messenger also has a chat history that you can use to quickly find information you shared in previous chats via keywords. Access your chat history by opening a chat dialogue box and selecting the Action option in the upper right corner of the box. Then select View Chat History from the dropdown list.


MangoApps makes it easy to put your ideas down on the page with Wikis. Wikis are similar to Word documents. You can create them inside of a MangoApps workspace. After a Wiki is created, any number of users can build upon it or revise it.

Wikis are easy to use and contain powerful document authoring tools that allow you to create a variety of types of documents. They maintain a version history so when changes are rejected by the author or an Admin, previous versions can be restored.

Wikis are always tied to a team, so to create one, you’ll need to first access the workspace (Department, Project, or Group) you want your Wiki stored in. Then simply click on the Wiki link on your left sidebar and then on the green Create A Wiki box in the upper right corner.

Create a Wiki for team tasks, lists, and instructions or use one to collaborate on ideas or co-author content. You can add attachments to your Wiki and even download it as a PDF.

Idea Management

Our new Idea Page will give you a place to hold a permanent brainstorming session with the entire company. Post an idea to your Ideas Page by clicking on the Ideas tab from the left-hand navigation.

On your left sidebar you’ll see an Ideas link. Clicking on this will show you a list of all ideas made in your Domain. You can add a new idea to the list by selecting the New Idea link and entering your idea into the content box. You can also start a New Campaign (New Idea Campaign).

Idea Campaigns give you an opportunity to capture a variety of ideas from different users regarding a specific topic. You can use Idea Campaigns to improve productivity, cut costs, and drive improvements from the bottom up in a short time period. It’s best to invite the widest breadth of participants possible to your campaign.

Enterprise Social Networking

What makes MangoApps an Enterprise Social Network? The fact that it can bring thousands of people together to collaborate, communicate, and share information in an organized and effective way.

In addition to the social features we already mentioned above, MangoApps gives users the ability to upload profile pictures and create personalized profile pages, so their MangoApps presence is more real and personable.

Users can easy reach out to others and take advantage of its vast array of collaboration tools and features and amazing customization options to increase idea generation, reduce travel and emails, and cut their number of meetings in half.

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