Learn About Different Types of Users

MangoApps allows for different roles with unique permission settings to streamline user administration and management.

To enable effective yet organized collaboration, MangoApps supports the following different user types. Some apply at the domain level while others at a modular level.

Network Level Roles

  • Super Users
  • Domain Administrators
  • Organization Administrators
  • Network Users

The list above is not hierarchical, but it does give you a hierarchical idea of which users have more permission than others. For example, Super Users have more access than Domain Administrators and Domain Administrators have more permissions than Organization Administrators.

Module Level Roles

  • Intranet Administrators
  • Project, Group, & Department Administrators
  • Project, Group, & Department Members
  • Guest Users

A user’s permissions and roles determines the level of access and  capabilities he or she has either at a network level or a module level. The MangoApps user interface dynamically configures itself based on the permissions associated with the logged in user.

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