Greetings Module (Birthday, Congrats, Thank You, etc…)

MangoApps Greetings Module

Gives employees the ability to ‘send digital cards’ one another to celebrate birthdays, life events, and community milestones to help foster a sense of community and belonging. Below you’ll see all of the capabilities and types of cards that you’re able to send. Keep in mind, you can always create your own custom greetings and turn off any that you don’t want used.

  • 10 pre-shipped categories to get started

    • The new greetings module ships with 10 out-of-the-box ‘greeting categories’ that are designed for human connections at workplace. These categories include
      • Birthday
      • Congratulations
      • Get Well
      • Good Luck
      • Holidays
      • New Baby
      • Pregnancy
      • Sympathy
      • Thank You
      • Wedding
    • Domain admins can activate & de-activate any pre-shipped category
    • Pre-shipped categories can’t be deleted. They can be de-activated and the ‘Who can send greetings?’ setting can be edited
    • When a category is de-activated then all the greetings within the category will not be available for users to send
    • Admin-created categories can be edited, deleted and de-activated at anytime by the domain admins.
    • Domain admins can sort thru’ the categories by name, who can give and status columns to quickly get to a specific category
  • 60+ pre-shipped greetings to get started

    • The new greetings module ships with over 60+ out-of-the-box ‘greetings’ to get your users started easily. The greetings are divided across the 10 pre-shipped categories
    • Pre-shipped greetings can be activated or de-activated by the domain admins. When a greeting is de-activated then it will not be available for users to send
    • Pre-shipped greetings can’t be edited or deleted
    • Domain admins can sort thru’ the greetings by name and status columns to quickly get to a specific greeting
  • Add your own custom categories & greetings

    • Domain admins can create their custom categories and upload their custom greetings
    • Custom categories & greetings can be edited, deleted and de-activated by domain admins at any time
    • Domain admins have control over who can give greetings from custom created categories. Possible values include
      • Anyone can give
      • Only domain admins & intranet admins can give
      • Only domain admins, intranet admins & a list of specific users can give
    • Domain admins can move custom greetings from one category to another at any time
    • Users only get to view and send the custom greetings that the domain admin has activated
    • Additionally domain admins can enable for user to upload their own greeting or pick one from the media gallery. By default this setting is turned ON.

Send a greeting & view all greetings

  • Users can send a greeting from the compose button
  • Domain admins & network users can add the greetings module on their primary navigation
  • Greetings module allows you to view all the greetings send in your company with options to filter them by category & time

Upcoming birthday notifications & widget

  • Birthdays for users whom you follow will automatically appear on your notification with an action to send them birthday wishes
  • Domain admins & network users can also add the birthday widget on their dashboard to view a list of all upcoming birthdays in the company

News feed / notification controls

  • Domain admins can set the default for all users to receive notifications for greetings. The notification can be controlled for the following cases:
    • Greeting received by user or by someone in user’s network
    • Comments/replies on user received greeting wishes
    • Comments/replies on someone’s greeting wishes in user’s network
  • Users can override the domain admin defaults and personalize it as per their requirement
    • For notifications it can be personalized from  ‘Change My Settings > Notifications > What’s Important’
    • For news feed it can be personalized from ‘Change My Settings > News Feed > What’s Important’