How can I create a poll or a survey for the entire company?

There are a couple of options for creating a poll or a survey for your entire company:

  • If your need is for a one question quick poll, you could achieve this by posting a Poll into a Default Group. If you make a Group a Default Group, all employees are automatically members, they do not have to join. You can then Create a Poll from the compose menu and post it in the default group. This poll will get pushed to the inbox of all employees.  Network Admins can make any public Group a Default Group in the Admin Portal > Groups > Make Default Group (from right hand side drop down options)


  • If your need is a survey of several or many questions, you can easily create an online form with unlimited questions and share that form in a Company Announcement/Post or Update in any team/group or in the default group. Responses to the survey will automatically get posted in the group you created the online form in.  Read more about forms and trackers hereform_embedding