Communication Best Practices

MangoApps users develop a sense of when to use one of the many communication options available in the app. How do users choose? This document offers Best Practice guidelines on when to use specific MangoApps communication method.

MangoApps Communication

Effective communication in MangoApps with choosing the appropriate communication option from the options below. Read through the list to find a scenario that best fits your communication objective:

Direct Communication

Send an IM

An Instant Message chat in real time can ask a quick question or help make sure a person is available for you to stop by their desk. You can also have a group chat IM.

Private Message

To choose the audience and to keep the communication out of teams choose a Message to communicate to one or more specific colleagues that you explicitly choose like you would when sending an email.

Update Team

Use Update Team to communicate to the members of your group, project, or department.

Update Followers

Communicate to all of the people that have chosen to follow you.

Ask a Question

When it’s a question you’re asking, choose to direct it to one of two audiences: the members of your team OR to all of your followers.


Create a Project

Projects are teams that are working on something that has a schedule. Projects have start and end dates. Project tasks assigned to individuals or the whole team can be created, progress reports can be generated, and time tracking can be entered.

Create a Group

Groups are teams for common interests, office location or job function. The main differentiators between Projects and Groups are that Groups can automatically include all the members of the domain by default and that groups do not have a schedule.

Create a Department

Departments typically have members based on organizational hierarchy. Departments are used for open communication and announcements between members such as organizing departmental resources and posting departmental news.

Other Communication Options

Assign a Task

Tasks define work items for project members. Tasks have reviewers and set completion dates. Project tasks keep projects healthy and on track so members have transparency on what is expected.

Create a Milestone

Milestones group tasks into sets that can be overseen by a user. If a project needs phases, create milestones to group tasks for separate phases together.

Create a Poll

Polls gauge interest of your followers or a team. Whether you ask everyone’s favorite soda flavor or check that costumes are expected in the office this Halloween, use a Poll to get quick feedback.

Plan an Event

Events appear on the MangoApps calendar for all network or team members. Calendars can be exported to iCal format to import to your Google or Outlook calendar.

Share an Idea

Company-wide idea sharing effectively communicates your brainchild to everyone for consideration, implementation, completion or deferral.

Upload a Document

Share documents that need infrequent modification, a third-party application to view, or have special formatting or functionality. Over 50 document types are supported in MangoApps Document Viewer.

Publish a Wiki

Wikis are dynamic documents that need frequent updates or multiple, collocated contributors. Wikis are helpful to have a centralized project page, process planning or a collection of useful links.

Publish a Post

Posts are dynamic documents that are usually maintained by a single person, communicate policy, or need formatting for better readability.

Make an Announcement

Announcements show in Intranet and point out the most important information for a department or the entire company.