Difference Between Team & Company Constructs

Teams (projects/groups/departments) are work spaces for day-to-day collaboration. They provide a place for users to share posts, files, news, and more with other users or “teammates.”


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MangoApps supports three different team constructs: Projects, Groups, and Departments. Here’s a rundown of Teams in MangoApps:

  • Teams have memberships
  • Teams can be Public or Private
  • Teams can have a short or long life cycle
  • Teams can be merged and archived (except departments)
  • Teams replace the need for communicating through project or group emails lists

MangoApps supports two Company level constructs: Company Pages and Company News. These are designed for top-down communication and information distribution. Your organization might use these for your HR policy, vision and mission, company holidays, and so on.

Here’s a rundown of Company Pages and Company News in MangoApps:

  • Only intranet administrators can create pages and posts
  • Content is available to all network members
  • Content on Company Pages has a long life-cycle and doesn’t change very often
  • Company News replaces the need to distribute news through company-wide email lists

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