Building a Form & Tracker

With forms & trackers collect, coordinate & track anything

Trackers and forms can be added to your workspaces to collect and store data. Trackers are searchable databases that archive information. Forms can be created from the Trackers for easy entry.

You are able to use Forms & Trackers to streamline typical office processes like vacation requests, IT help, company surveys, and a contact database. Trackers can be added to any team to be managed by the members, while Forms can be embedded on a page or widget to be accessed by all users.

When selecting a Tracker to use, you are able to create your own design or use a pre-set Tracker design.

Each time a new entry is added to the Tracker, a notification will be posted to the wall of the team. Additionally, members are able to enable email notifications for Trackers. Members are able to manage the entries by editing or archiving each row. The search box in the top right of the Tracker will allow members to search all fieldsĀ to find a specific entry. The data stored in a Tracker is able to be exported to Excel, CSV, or PDF for further analysis.