Engagement & Content Analytics

The User Engagement and Content Analytics features give you an idea of how many users are using MangoApps and what kind of activities, such as posts, views, likes, and comments, they are performing.

You can use the User Engagement and Content Analytics features to measure the success of MangoApps within your company and understand how you can improve it. In your Analytics Settings section you can make the User Engagement and Content Analytics features available to all users or just admins.

When reviewing user engagement, just remember it’s impossible for all of your employees to be 100% engaged from the very start. It will take some time for MangoApps to catch on and for new users to feel comfortable using it, so your adoption rate should climb as time goes on. Adoption rates also vary depending on your business’s demographics, culture, and industry. Check out this article about Internet Adoption for more information on the process of learning and using new technology.

If you ever find yourself unsatisfied with the numbers you are seeing, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer questions and discuss specifics with you. In most cases, engagement can significantly improve with small adjustments to the adoption steps or by simply improving awareness among employees.

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