Company Pages vs. Department Pages

Company Pages and Department Pages can be used in different ways to benefit your organization.

 What are Company Pages and Department Pages?

Company Pages are part of the MangoApps Intranet. They are typically used to communicate information that doesn’t change very often, such as company policy, company management, company locations, and so on.

Department Pages can also be used to communicate information that doesn’t change very often, but are accessible via the Departments section rather than the Intranet.

Which is better for my organization — Department Pages or Company Pages?

Through customer feedback and experience, we’ve found a hybrid approach works best for the following reasons:

  • Content Ownership: When using both, Department Admins and Intranet Admin have the ability to create pages.
  • Organization: Using both will give you more space for pages, while also allowing you to stay organized as your number of pages grow.
  • Relevancy: Some information is private, some isn’t. Some information matters to certain departments while other information is important to the whole company. Department and Company pages allow you to disperse your information accordingly.

We recommend creating an overview page for each of your organization’s departments in your Intranet with Company Pages. In each overview page, include a link back to the departments actual Department Page, so users can follow the link for more information. Create a “Departments” tab in your Intranet and organize the overview pages beneath it. The rest of your Intranet’s Company Pages can be organized around topics that apply to everyone in the organization.

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